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Saturday, July 2, 2016


What age is acceptable when one is dating an older man/woman? One may think age matters, and one may think the maturity and experience make the difference. I deemed experience, and maturity constructs a difference versus one’s age. One may consider themselves veterans because he/she has experience in relationships but lack maturity.  Also, the age may be a factor in why he/she is lacking experience such as the age of 21 because as a person become older he/she learn about the experience. My question, is it allowed for an individual to date a person who is 20 years older? Are there limitations on experiences? I don’t deem there are limitations on experience. Also, as long as one is alive he/she are going to experience life differently. If a person dates someone who is 20 years older than he/she, it is considered a learning experience. and the next chapter in their life.  Yes, life experiences are considered chapters and each individual can write a chapter from every experience that transpired in their life good or bad. This is why my viewpoint is different from others when it comes to dating someone older.  Reminisce on your life, and think about the different situations you’ve been involved in. How did that experience help you develop? If a person is honest with themselves he/she will view how their past experiences have shaped them to become who they are currently. Every opportunity/experience is similar to building a resume.  Think about the first time you started working. How did one start building their resume to be what it is today?  One builds their resume by experience on diverse jobs. Now it is understood from a different perspective when it comes to dating an older individual who has experience under his/her belt there are advantages.

Actually, in my past, I have built my own relationship resume from past experiences, and it has helped me to become a better individual and wiser from a relationship standpoint. I’ve learned and whoever came into my life learned from me, therefore the both of us has built our resume. The only way for one to become a better individual is to experience life because each individual is different, therefore; life experience is different. If one is in a relationship and isn’t being challenged subsequent he/she is lacking their ability to learn and become a better individual. We are supposed to learn from each other “each one teaches one”. One’s focus shouldn’t be on a person AGE but on what that person has experienced during his/her life-span that will make that individual better.  I don’t believe age is a factor after the age of “21” because we all do not experience life the same. We all come from different background, therefore; one experience is different and it doesn’t matter after the age of “21”.  There are always going to be those who are not in agreement with my opinion but their opinion doesn’t matter. Some people seem to always live their life for others approval. I think one should cease living their life for others and live their life to make themselves happy. I think it is one factor why there are so many depressed individuals currently. I deem if one live their life pleasing to their own self it will make that individual happier. I’ve learned there aren't pleasing others but it’s pleasurable when you are pleasing in God eyes of life growth, and developments. One may not be where he/she wants to be but he/she isn’t where they use to be….Keep living life and persevering to learn regardless of the age difference because a person is building their own resume for a better quality of life.

Kimmie Merritt