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Saturday, March 17, 2018

What Love Got To Do With It

Social media is the distraction factor in relationships and why relationships have hit a roadblock. If couples are not able to view how social media is a distraction in a lot of breaks up subsequently their relationships will not survive either.

How are couples acquiring quality time to listen and communicate with each other? How can couples become empowered when they are having relations with various social media sites? Social media gives couples the outlet, and attention, however;  it places their significant other at a disadvantage.There need to be boundaries in a relationship.  If there were boundaries there wouldn't be a host of relationship dilemmas that stem from social media. There ought to be a mental turn off button to shut social media out of relationships circumference.

Couples are caught up on social media, however; they ought to be caught up into each other. Couples communicate more through social media than with each other because they don't know how to have a relationship, and don't know how to be committed. Consequently,  couples are living in the same house and communicate through text messaging. Who does that? The only way couples relationships will flourish is if they reflect on each other and disconnect from social media. I am talking about communicating/conversing with each other and not with the rest of the world, that is the way it was before text messaging and utilizing social media exist to make it a valuable union.

Couples has allowed social media to interrupt their lives and relationships, and because of the era we live in some people has conformed themselves to the social media mayhem unconsciously. Couples have to become aware and retrack their privacy because if they don't their relationship will collapse if it hasn't, thus; far. 

In fact, couples are allowing social media to dictate their relationship, for example when couples wake up in the morning they do not say good morning nor kiss their partner but are on social media posting good morning to the whole wide web. There are conversations, and topics on their news feed that is deemed more imperative than embracing their partner in the morning. Can you see this behavior is dysfunctional?  

If couples are true to themselves they would understand the struggle and brokenness in their relationship. Also, both partners need to execute the attention they immensely need versus consuming themselves and seeking attention on social media.

Additionally, if relationships want to improve both parties should seek couple therapy as a support system The reason I suggested couple therapy is that therapy will help with discovering the root of the problem, therefore; it will redefine the relationship in its entirety and teach couples how to engage whole heartily. 

The time that is spent on social media could be employed talking to a  therapist online seeking feedback about your dysfunctional relationship. Furthermore, couple therapy will formulate the relationship to become functional. Couples have to rise above to overcome the consumption of available time spend on social media.

When relationships fail for one reason or another. It's never one person fault because it takes two to tango. It always both persons fault because both parties are involved. Why is it both parties when the relationship goes well?  When it goes south its other person fault. There are two sides to the story. 

When a person is true to themselves he or she will stop making excuses. Couples should take the opportunity to connect to a therapist online because many relationships have lost it zeal, and I don't think it will recover without professional guidance. When couples are not able to figure out what has gone wrong in their relationship sequent marriage is off the table period...

Couples shouldn't invest time in a relationship that does not has any substance. Relationships shouldn't be a job but an adventure. 

Rashiem'A Knight

Thursday, March 15, 2018


When brothers are away (incarcerated)  pedophiles play with their daughters. Brothers need to keep themselves out of jail because the only one who's suffering is their daughters. I don't know if that comes to mind when a brother does whatever he does to be placed in the position to be in jail. Allow me to enlighten my brothers, when you have a child you are supposed to protect her your (daughter), however; when brothers are locked up its impossible. Actually, when there are children in the home children are your only concern.  When you are locked up it leaves the door open "pedophiles" it welcome them into your home.  Talk about responsibility, believe it or not, it's on you to protect yours at all cause. If you don't protect yours who will. Brothers are leaving their daughters in the hands of the next man whomever that may be. You see why I talk about having knowledge of self because it is something my brothers are lacking. 

Brothers, you can't leave your woman to defend for herself and defend for your daughter because that's the father/husband responsibility. Mothers nurture father protect. Again, mother nurture, and father protect. Got it? A mother concern is raising her daughter without a father in the home, therefore; that opens the door for her to allow the next brother to replace you when you're in jail braiding the next man hair. Also, when you are with the next man your woman and daughter is with the next man too. You don't know him, and she does not know him either, however; she's lonely. Brothers need to get their priority in order and stop thinking about self-gratification.

Brothers, when you are locked up your woman
 is getting her boots, knocked, and the next brother (pedophile) is molesting your pride and joy "daughter" without the mother knowledge. Now, where is your daughter protector? He"s in jail protecting the next man, if you get my drift? Having a child is the same concept as a marriage "To Death Do Us Part". Brothers get your priority in order. I really want my brothers to ponder on the different scenario's that may be transpiring because it is a possibility. It happens more often than none. When you are doing time in jail think who is doing your daughter. You can only blame yourself because your daughters wasn't a priority. Does your daughter deserve this act " Hell No" but because daddy was not there to protect her this is the result? Don't wonder why your daughter has an attitude adjustment for the worse. You are continually asking her mother what is wrong with her. You want to know why is your daughter angry with you. Mommy doesn't know, and baby girl will not tell you because the last brother "pedophile" told her (your daughter) not to tell anyone because it's their secret. Brothers need to think about the position they are placing their daughters in when brothers take away their security blanket and go to jail, and place their daughters in the hands of pedophiles.  

Rashiem'A Knight

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

This Is A Man World

I fell in love with a 6'4 stallion black man.  I love my black brothers, and I do not think some sisters give them the props they deserve. I understand some brothers appear not to have it together, but there are other brothers appear to have it together. With that being said, brothers that have it together are handed the short end of the stick. I am a realist, and it may appear I uplift my sisters, and I do, however,; I uplift my brothers if they are deserving. 

Brothers who have knowledge of self know how to treat their sisters like the queen they are. Note: I said queen! The brothers who have knowledge of self aren't about playing games. These are grown ass men. Also, brothers who has knowledge of self are not into the shacking up business.
They are about marrying a sister if that sister is worthy.  Yes, I said it! It's a GAME. Brothers that has knowledge of self cherish the BlackQueen. He will always respect, protect, and, correct any man that  disrespect her.

Brothers who do not have knowledge of self play games. Brothers who have knowledge of self are men who are not Into the "games people play". Some sisters know how the game is played, however; because sisters fear of being alone tolerate it. 

Brothers who have knowledge of self recognize a woman whos down for her man (husband). Sisters who recognize her man has knowledge of self (husband)  is down with her man.  Sisters who recognize brothers who have knowledge of self understand they are about their business. You see sisters don't have to ask their man to open the door for them because brothers who have knowledge of self already know that a sister walks in the door first. When a woman knows her man (husband) have knowledge of self she desires to do things for him because he is deserving of them.. When a brother has knowledge of self he makes his wife life easier. 

Brothers who do not have knowledge of self sit back and watch his girlfriend/woman struggles. Brothers who do not have knowledge of self seeks a payback. Brothers who do not have knowledge of self has multiple women and men. Brothers who do not have knowledge of self does not want to marry but does not have a problem shacking up with a sister. It's their belief sisters don't know their  worth.

My black sisters, now you are able to differentiate. 

I want to say this is a man world when a black man has "knowledge of self."

Rashiem'A Knight

Monday, March 12, 2018


What happens after fathers are incarcerated? Young boys are left without their fathers. Some may say what example is the fathers setting for their sons by being incarcerated The mothers are left to care for the family during the father incarceration period. 

The most challenging aspect of an incarceration is making sure the sons do not follow in their father footsteps. Programs are needed to be implemented to educate on the pitfall of incarceration. Also, implementing a negative aspect of prison life such as scared straight methodology. Additionally, layout the numbers of the statistic of fathers incarcerated. 

It has become an epidemic and to see how young brothers spending their entire youth and adulthood incarcerated. Where has the system failed them? The system has failed them that is the government is capitalizing on this tragedy. The father's who is incarcerated isn't able to raise their children, therefore; it becomes a revolving door. Our youth need the means to rise above because the odds are against them.There aren't sufficient resources to keep the youth rooted and grounded. 

Furthermore, the churches aren't reaching out to assist the youth to give them a way out from the streets. It seems like its every youth for themselves. The youth is supposed to be our future but that will be a myth if there isn't an intervention.

In every family, there is a father incarcerated. I am trying to wrap my head around this to found a solution to the problem. One may believe it is not their responsibility to teach someone else child but it is our responsibility because as a nation we are in the same sinking boat. 

Although it may not be your immediate family, however; there will be a time your grandchild may be placed in a situation and may be connected to this epidemic. We know in every generation a family member is associated with the pitfall of incarceration, therefore; I know this may be new to you but brothers need to be true to it, and not forget where he came from. We've struggled our entire lives and you are still struggling to prove who you are as a black man.

Why hasn't the black brothers stepped up to the plate to find a solution for these youth who was left behind before they become their father's keeper "locked up." The system is designed that way. I CHALLENGE every black, brown, yellow brother to be a big brother to a child whose father is incarcerated and teach them knowledge of self and educate them on how to evade the pitfall of incarceration. This will be the biggest challenge ever to save our youth from imprisonment. 


For those brothers that has a record. File an article 23 "Expungement"


Rashiem'A Knight

Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Woman World

It has been a long road for women and to be preyed upon by men or any man in a relationship is merely a long-standing dilemma. There isn't any rationale behind why that behavior is acceptable. That kind of behavior is learned. A man did not come into this world displaying that type of behavior. Its a slap in the face as a woman when I view any man preying on a woman. A man came from a woman. His mother gave birth to him and she nurtured him from the time he came out of the womb. If a man does not respect nor uplift his woman to feel a sense of security sequentially, he does not respect his own mother nor trust her ability with the decision she constructs as a woman. 

It's imperative that women ask the question. How's your relationship with your mother? Wait for his answer. If a man doesn't want to talk about his mother consequently, that woman will have a problem with him moving forward in the relationship. A man may deem it may not be an essential factor to an inquiry about his relationship with his mother NEWS FLASH: It will be a determining factor in how he treats a woman in the relationship. This is considered an important part of the relationship that he is withholding from her. It ought not to be tolerated. 

A Woman shouldn't allow a man to validate her because with all her accomplishment it has already validated her as an empowered woman. When a man embraces a woman concerns, feeling, and needs first in a relationship it allows to exhibits a sense of responsibility in the relationship, that is he has shown up a grown man and not a little boy. 

When a man prey on any woman it shows his lack of growth In his development in becoming a man.  It takes a grown man to self-reflect to understand his short-coming in what a woman expectations are of him, and in-turn he does a 360 in the relationship and become the man he is supposed to be by becoming an equal partner in supporting his woman in decisions she has made for them to move forward in the relationship. If a man isn't able to meet in the middle and bring  HAPPINESS  to his home, and woman, therefore, he needs to let the door hit him where the good Lord split him. 

Additionally, the relationship is over because they both are striving without any common ground. A WOMAN is much more mature than a man, therefore it causes challenges and concerns with various perspective in a relationship. When a woman knows what she desires for her life there isn't any compromise, however; a WOMAN challenge maybe what caliber of a man she desires for herself. 

There is a difference amid the to and I deem there is query why some woman continual deal with less than a man and that is the confusion amid what she desires for her life versus the man she desires in her life. Majority of men are like snakes. They affect a woman with their venom and suck the life out of her to the point the woman no longer focuses on herself and the plans that are in place for her own life, thus; the woman is focused on the man with what he does not bring to the table for his own life that has spilled over into her life with a lot of excuses and self-doubt. 

The woman can only blame herself for permitting the snake into her bed.


Rashiem'A Knight

Monday, January 1, 2018

Online Dating

There are individuals who sense the desire to try something similarly from the norm. There are others like myself who stepped out from the norm that triggers my curiosity, and in doing that it prompted explorations amongst the avenues of online dating.  In this era of technology, it permits individuals options in the online dating arena, therefore; online dating is extremely popular. Several individuals have discovered love, husband, wife, and friendship etc. 

When individuals are closed-minded to the availability he or she became deprived thus; he or she isn't able to explore their options.  Online dating is an opportunity that presents itself abroad, therefore it should be taken advantage of for example if a person is introverted and doesn't feel comfortable approaching a person he or she deems are attractive face-to-face thus online dating may be a start to help build up their confidence and self-esteem. Similarly, online dating will be the best approach when becoming familiar especially for those individuals who struggle with their self-esteem and confidence. Individuals may take it slow because there's no rush. It can take years it depends on both parties. 

Several people meet others online without seeing them in person. Also, others start a relationship without meeting that person for whatever reason online. In addition, others have fallen in love without seeing that person as well. It may be because of the distance he or she isn't able to make an appearance. There are many reasons. Don't knock it before you try it. Everyone experience is different. When I use to date online I never meet any psychotic men. That's why I said each experience is different. Online dating can be a great beginning starting with a friendship or it can be a person worse experience. I do understand people like to play games online. I've watched the show catfish.

Online dating may work out for you like it worked for me or it may not but you will never know until you make an attempt. A person may meet a good friend online whos a good listener. I understand what it means to be a good listener. As an intern, I participated online as a listener on this site called 7 cups of tea. If you want to know further about it google it. I am always open-minded to try something novice. When a person knows what they are seeking online it strikes a person interest.  Like I stated before he or she doesn't have to formulate it to be in an arena for online dating thus it may be an arena for a prosperous friendship.  Eventually,  some friendships may develop into something further. Who's to say and who's not to say. Only time will tell and it depends on the relationship that is built on the friendships.

Additionally, that FEAR factor continual play a vital role In attaining an optimistic standpoint with online dating. Also, the stories that are conveyed about other experiences online maybe a pessimists viewpoint.  other may attain a different experience. What one may experience others may experience differently. What may work for me may not work for someone else, therefore; that's something to take into consideration.  Merely, do not go into it with a negative viewpoint especially when it is the first experience. 

In the past,  I've come across several friendships that developed into a long-standing relationship from dating online. Momentarily, I am married. I meet my husband online. Allow me to rewind from the beginning by going way back into time when I first started dating online sequentially I will elucidate how I meet my husband. 


Rashiema Knight

Sunday, October 15, 2017

How To Get Away With Murder 2

I've been an advocate of health for over 10 years, and I've helped many people with their health challenges in more ways than one. I think it is important to become health conscious, eat healthier, and have a dietary supplement program. If I don’t nourish my body with the minerals it needs it will not heal itself. The food chemistry has changed, therefore; I am unable to get the minerals from the four food groups such as 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acid, and 3 fatty acids. Also, it is the minerals that support the healing process in my body,. A lot of people are misinformed why they are sick with a degenerative disease. In fact, lack of supplementing and lack of absorbing is a factor in attaining degenerative diseases.

Some people are misinformed why the body deteriorates. Please allow me to help shed some light. Also, others seem to deem age has a lot to do with the deterioration process but I beg to differ. Age has nothing to do with why the body is unable to heal itself or deterioration.  IT IS NOT GENETICS!" People contain degenerative diseases because people are deficient in minerals. Furthermore, what a person fuel their body with plays a vital role such as fast food, excessive consumption of alcohol, fried foods, smoking, drugs, wheat, rye, oat, and barley (gluten), Here's a scenario: think of the body akin to a tree. What happens to a tree if there aren’t any minerals in the soil?  "BINGO" The trees will not grow or the tree will become fragile subsequent die. This is exactly what has happened to people in your family, and is currently happening .

There are similar consequences the body goes through when a person does not supplement with minerals. If a person eats healthy, and supplement with minerals they will not have to worry about attaining high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer,  kidney failure, Alzheimer, dementia etc. If a person does not supplement they will surely attain a degenerative disease or die. If the doctors don't kill them first. (Surgeries, and medications). The body is made of up of cells and all prescription drugs poison the cells. Also, the brain is 75% cholesterol, thus; if a person avoids cholesterol and consume prescription drugs consequent Alzheimer and dementia will be knocking at their door. LDL is not cholesterol but they are a protein that carries the cholesterol. From a biochemical viewpoint, cholesterol is an supreme anti-aging and growth repair molecule. Cholesterol is an supreme healing substance and best friend to the body.   Conversely, kidney failure has nothing to do with the kidney. Kidney failure is a blocked artery. When there are blocked arteries that mean the dirty blood isn’t traveling into the filtered units.

The government was sued because they attempted to undo the Desha act Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. 

The government does not want people to have easy access to vitamins, and minerals.  Imagine if people understood the reason why supplementation is vital for the body, and no longer needed medications because the supplements replaced it. Desperate times call for desperate measures, therefore; there are options when it comes to health. As a people, we merely do not take advantage of opportunities that are presented to us.  I believe some people yet have a slave mentality such as they don’t want the knowledge in regards to supplement because they deem it not significant. Educating people about reversing degenerative diseases by supplementation-vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals will SAVE a family life. Medical doctors, government’s authorities, pharmaceuticals are trying others alternative to cause death upon people because death is a side effect from medications ultimately. No human being should die from a degenerative disease (diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, Alzheimer, dementia) because they are curable.

In addition, people can help their families, and friends by stirring up the pot by educating themselves with the appropriate vitamins, and minerals.  Incorporating these vitamins and minerals into their life will help (mother, father, children, pastor, grandparents, friends, husband, and wife) live healthier and longer. We all have someone in our family who are elderly. The doctors are making a killing on their elderly patients because they feel that their time is ending, thus; they need to make as much money as possible before they demise.  I know, the elderly do not believe taking vitamins and minerals to be significant because in their era the minerals were in the soils, therefore; consuming the food they planted had the minerals to feed their bodies. Presently, that is no longer the case.  The elderly are the ones who need to be consuming more cholesterol, not less. Again,  desperate time call for desperate measures.  It’s imperative to place the vitamins and minerals into your mother, grandmother, father, and grandfather diet to fuel their body before the doctors fabricate an ailment to make more money or kill them.  Why do we place trust in medical doctors?  We need to have more trust in our own abilities. Why not believe in yourself?


Cure high blood pressure consume calcium with a supplements program such as 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acid, and 3 fatty acids. In addition, change the diet such as no fried foods, process meat, gluten, oils (olive oil, coconut, etc.). Medical doctors have people believing high blood pressure is genetic but it is not genetic. High blood pressure is a calcium deficiency.

Finally, it's imperative to take back your health, and comprise a nutritional protocol. I am recommending a book that will help those who are suffering from a degenerative disease. Also, when you receive this book it is going to change the lives of you and your family from a health standpoint.  Go to Amazon to order the book" Dead Doctor's Don't Lie." by Dr. Wallach
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Rashiem'A Knight