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Thursday, March 23, 2017


" I’ve always dealt with having low self esteem throughout the beginning of high school by not loving myself and the way I looked. By junior year, I was the more confident in myself, I realized I wasn’t the only one that was petite and as people complimented me I
would look in the mirror and finally see what they saw and soon I began to love and respect myself. I wanted the same for my friends and other females I saw in my school but didn’t necessarily know how to help them.

My A.P. English teacher created a club called ‘Girls on Point’, which was an all girls club where we sat down and talked about how to help build up our confidence especially the colored females. My teacher taught us to focus on ourselves and love ourselves more than ever and never let anyone talk down on us. As she told us these things, all I could think about was the females that did not come to the club who really needed these talks, ones who were
letting boys disrespect them in so many ways and fighting each other, making colored females look like we were the so called stereotype “Angry Black Woman.” I tried to encourage females in my school to come to the club by putting up posters, texting them and
telling them about it and even posting it on social media but they would just end up ignoring me or lying saying they would come knowing they wouldn’t. 

Seeing that this club has changed me in a positive way, I just want all females to feel the same way I felt. I know it
could take time but it would be better if we all came together instead of going through it alone. As I continue to grow up, I want to focus more for our colored girls and making sure they know that they are not alone and that they are beautiful. In the future when i become a
pediatrician/psychologist I want to start my own girls club and help give females the same confidence and feeling my A.P. teacher gave me. I want to change my community for the better and make sure us females build each other up rather than tear each other down. As a
young black girl I feel as though I have something to prove and show the world so people can see I’m not that so called “Angry Black Woman” but that I have so much more to offer. " by Kyanna Willams 
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