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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


There are many types of lifestyle that is created to fit one's desires and  needs. When I was introduced to a swingers  club lifestyle I became inquisitive to find out further details about it. This sort of lifestyle isn't for everyone because couples don't desire to share their partner with others.  From my perspective, it seems like married couples are most involved in this lifestyle. Furthermore, I was so intrigued because I thought when a person is married sharing wasn't an option. I guess it depends on the circumstance in the union. It was oblivious that couples concurred with this sort of lifestyle collectively because it appeared to be working out in their favor. Also, there are several married couples who participate in this lifestyle and concur that their marriage has become fulfilling for both parties involved.  There are many individuals in marriages who are unsatisfied and connecting with others in a swingers clubs setting of the same or opposite sex opens the door to novice adventure in their marriage.

In fact, there are many individuals who disagree with the aspect of becoming participants in a swinger club, and I understand their point of view. However, there are others who beg to differ because if you never tried something how can a person criticized.  There are some individuals who live by a code or just have their own belief in retrospect to their boundaries.  If you were asked to participant in a swingers club to save your marriage or relationship would you? There are many factors why couples prefer not to become swingers. One may deem that their partner may indulge in the other couples in a manner he or she doesn't indulge in their own relationship or marriage. There's that fear factor again. Also, there may be an emotional connection because some individual may not be unable to disconnect without becoming emotional attached.  We are human, and to become sexual with anyone initially is one thing but to constantly have sexual relations is something different to the point a person develops emotions for that individual. There are rules in the swinger clubs union but rules are made to be broken.

How does one approach his or her partner about becoming participants in a swingers club? Those individuals who are swingers simply say  if your partner is an opened minded individual he or she will not become offended. I deem one fear to ask their partner because It does sound like a person may be unsatisfied sexual when a question like such is addressed. Conversely, If one don't inquiry he or she will never find out. Also, it is significant to know you partner, and both parties should have a relationship that he or she are able to talk about any and everything.  It is vital to be comfortable in your own relationship, and marriage. Additionally,  be forthcoming with what turns you, and your partner on or off sexually.

Moreover, becoming swingers is a lifestyle a couple may  or may not want to explore for the rest of their life. I deem it to be a temporary fix but imagine experiencing this with your husband or wife. It will be something that couples may experience together in their marriage or relationship, and it will be an experience couples will not forget. This was a topic I wanted to convey especially for those who are struggling in their marriage or relationship, and would like to spice it up with something different.

By Kimmie Merritt
August 3, 2016