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Sunday, May 15, 2016


As a child I watched  my mother nurtured my siblings, and myself  to be domestic individuals.  My mother had a formality, every morning she would make her bed. Next, she would go to the bathroom to brush her teeth then cooked breakfast. This was a ritual, and she made sure that we followed suite. There were many characteristics my mother exhibited that I  mimicked and has passed on to my children because I believed it is a fundamental  aspect of a child’s  life.  I appreciate these  attribute that she exhibited when it came to keeping her house in order as a clean up woman.  Also, on the weekend was the time that we would wake up in a timely fashion, and initiated chores. My mother qualities as a mother were extraordinary there wasn’t a time there wasn't a warm meal readily available.

In fact, when she worked late hours or 2 jobs the cleanup woman  made sure she cooked sufficient food to carry over. My mother never complained about anything she simply did what she was supposed to do as a mother. Also, she never sought any hand out from anyone. She simply coped with the cards that were dealt to her and constructed our lives to be stressed free.  She was a perfecting mother with imperfections.   I’ve learned the perfecting aspect of being a mother and was able to be the best mother to my children.  I had exhibited some of the qualities that my mother displayed as a clean up woman in my life. I knew one day my children will become parents, therefore;  I wanted them to take a page out of my book in regards to parenthood. If a parent isn't able to teach their children the aspect such as cooking and cleaning  where are they going to develop these attribute. Every child male/female should know the basic in keeping their home clean, and not depend on someone else to do it for them.

Moreover, it is understood that there are some parents who are misguided, therefore;  their  children are misguided.  Is that acceptable? I believe there are many resources that may help parents in regards to parenthood.  Parents should be teaching  their girls, and boys the fundamentals of house chores and cooking. If there are parents  living in a home that is untidy they should be a shame of themselves. Also, if a person is in a relationship with someone and the place is unkempt  that person should rethink that relationship.  A person who lives their life and thinks it is acceptable to live in disarray in their home is a person who is psychological challenged. When a person house isn’t order it demonstrates a person who life isn’t in order. If a person desire to know anything about a person when meeting them, no need to check their Facebook page.  All a person have to do is go to their house. When a person house is clean it signifies their thinking is precise and lack confusion.  Children shouldn't have to subject themselves to this kind of lifestyle. Also, children have enough to deal with going  to school, and bullying, therefore; they don’t need to be added stress from  home.

Some parents don’t view or attempt to comprehend what their children are struggling with daily, therefore; home ought to be placed for peace and tranquility.  When parents don’t  take their children concerns into consideration it cause many dilemmas for that child in his/her life. Actually, if parents do not have their own best interest for their own life subsequently it will be impossible to have their children best interest at heart.

A clean up woman is a woman/parent who can juggle without complaining, and without seeking help from their  children.  Parents who children know that they can depend on them to teach him or her to become independent individuals. Also, parents ought to teach their children how to become domestic individuals. In doing this their children become independent once the child becomes age appropriate. When a child become a particular age such as over 21 parents shouldn't be cooking, cleaning, and washing their clothes for them. Actually, if he/she are not attending college the child should be out of their parents home and living on their own. This is the time in life a child must leave the nest, and learn on his or her own. Also,  at the age of 21 parents should have already educated enough that their child is autonomous.

Furthermore,  if there are parents who are  treating their child like a baby. SHAME ON YOU! You are promoting a child to have a dependent  mentality, not an independent mentality.  In fact,  their child will not have an opportunity to become  a powerful leader in their own life. Society has enough of individuals  who’s minds are in bondage. If parents minds are in bondage, therefore;  their child envelops similar concepts. It’s utterly sad, parents are to blame for how their child  develop certain pessimistic behaviors  in life because children mirror their parent's behavior .

 In conclusion, if  parents aren’t supporting  their child toward greatness he or she may become limitless in their abilities, thus; their child is destined to become a statistic. As a clean up woman a child is taught the aspect of proper etiquette in the home, and outside of the home to develop structure and stability in their own life.

By Kimmie Merritt
May 15, 2016

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