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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Every woman dreams of becoming marry once in their lifetime. Why? There are several  reasons behind the nuptials but the truth about after the I DO hasn’t been told.  Nuptials are overrated because it is the way others perceives it. Firstly, there are many who are unprepared for the novice life once they become married.  Others believe  after the marriage their life stays the same. NEWS FLASH: let the truth be told! When two people join in holy matrimony it’s not about the solo aspect but it is about two people sharing the rest of their lives together in a union.  If individuals are prepared prior to the nuptials the marriage may last, however; because some individuals do not understand the  concept of becoming married their marriages fails. There are some individuals who customs encourages them to be married, although they are not structured to be a husband or wife. Simply, because in their customs others are proactive in their lives for him/her to marry.

Also, this is why further marriages fail. Everybody isn’t molded to be a husband or a wife because it is a process and a preparation. Some may determine becoming  married isn’t for him/her but their parents insist on the marriage, and this  further exemplifies why marriages fail.  A person shouldn't encourage a person to marry when that person knows becoming married isn’t for him/ her. If a person truly believes marriage isn’t for him/her they ought to stand their ground. A person should never allow others individuals to make them do something they  will regret in the long run. If a person doesn't stand for something that person will fall for anything. That is why it is imperative for a person to have their own belief system.  When a person has their own belief system he /she will not be swayed because he/she will  be able to stand on their beliefs.

Nuptials are beautiful if those individuals have the similar concept and reasoning with  becoming married. Also, it vital to have chemistry before a person marry because that will help them sustain throughout the marriage. When a person become married and allows God first, spouse second and family last their marriage is destined for greatness . Also, when a person is able to think selfishness,  and think as partners or a team it makes the union satisfying for both individuals.

Furthermore, to be truly in love with your mate is a great feeling because there are many temptations, and when a person is tempted the loves he/she have for their mate will surpass that temptation.  When a person loves unconditional he/she are able to persevere through the worse times  in the marriage. There may be times when there may be worse times before a union may see better days, therefore;  this is when the unconditional love take precedence  to make the union stronger.

Actually ,  it takes two to make any marriage work.  One person shouldn't be fighting to keep the marriage together, and the other is watching the marriage go in a downhill spiral. Therefore,  if the other person  has given up the marriage has already ended. Should a person fight a losing battle in a marriage ? To be in a marriage unhappy, and fighting  to keep the marriage together is hopeless because that person who is fighting has already lost the battle without even realizing. That individual might as well cut his/ her losses because to be in a marriage alone is the worst feeling ever.

This is the only life because tomorrow isn’t promised, therefore; never allow anyone to control your happiness only you can control your destiny. The battle is not your it’s the Lords.

Kimmie Merritt
April 6, 2016

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