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Thursday, March 24, 2016


There is some individual who were raised with morals, values and self-respect subsequent there were that individual who was just raised without principles.  What are the differences? Those individual who was raised with morals, values, and self-respect is referred to as THE HAVES. Consequently, that individual who was just raised without principles is referred to as THE HAVES NOT.  Why are they referred as such because THE HAVES were educated to distinguish THE HAVES NOT when they are approached by those with their pants saggy because it senses some sort of Ignorance.  Also, it displays that some guy doesn’t have the capability in presenting themselves in the company of others. This concept is extremely important to that individual who are planning to parent children.  Why? When individuals have children the parents are the one's who are supposed to teach their child how to present themselves in a respectful manner in the company of a woman. It’s the parent’s responsibility that their sons are presenting their selves in a respectful fashion versus wearing their pants sagging.

There is a disconnection when parents accept this sort of fashion trend from their sons and encourages their behavior via permitting it. Furthermore, if parents accept this kind of fashion trend then the children will never comprehend the downside such as health issues when they are up in age. When these youngster's become older there are going to have to deal with having terrible posture because of the fashion their legs are situated when their pants sag. Moreover, these youngsters will suffer from hip deterioration, also dilemma with their lower back. Is that what you want parents for your children?  In life, there are always causes and effects, because THE HAVES NOT wears their pants in such a manner it is going to cause health issues long-term.  Also, there are not turning back from these youngster's body disfigurement. This is why parents should be active in their son’s lives and give a damn about the damage when their son’s are wearing saggy pants.

In addition, children will be children, thus; if parents do not educate them how are they supposed to learn, and teach their children. It is said that children are our future but it is unforeseen because some children aren’t educated, some children are irresponsible and without the proper guidance. Attention: THE HAVES, become very cautious of the HAVES NOT. Do not accept anything that comes your way, and become extremely aware of what you are seeking from any guys. If THE HAVES NOT parents are not educating them about ethics, therefore; he will not be able to measure up to you-THE HAVES. Moreover, there are many things that are acceptable for males but are unacceptable for the females. This is a double standard because if something is acceptable for one it ought to be acceptable for the other.  I think if individual become educated on the saggy pants history subsequently a change may be a probability because some individual transforms to make certain things their lifestyle.

Furthermore, for changes to transpire congress will have to get involved, therefore; forcing a change such as ticketing THE HAVES NOT that wear saggy pants in public. If it has to come to that for change so be it because this has been excessive for too long, and the damage is already done from a health standpoint. For those who have an open mind, think about the millions of hip replacement that are going to take place because of the HAVES NOT wearing saggy pants. In fact, hypothetical the price of hip replacement is 30,000 simply imagine THE HAVES NOT that wear saggy pants having this surgery perform on them. “ching, ching, let the cash register ring”. That’s a lot of surgeries, and money composed on each HAVE NOT, therefore; the doctor's benefits again when hip surgery are performed. Actually, the longer it is permitted for THE HAVES NOT to wear saggy pants long-standing meaning further hospital claims and the doctors gets richer at the HAVES NOT expense. When is the time going to come when others stop being a part of the problem but be a part of the solution?

By Kimmie Merritt
March 24, 2016

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